Sports and Exercise Cardiology

Cardiac issues in young or athletic people are rare, however once they occur will be devastating, affecting even those considered fit and well. Exercise and fitness are basic to a healthy life. For the majority of our population there's much no limit to the quantity of exercise we must always do to remain well, and live consummated lives. However, for a small range of individuals with an underlying heart issue, vigorous exercise might cause serious risks. Sadly these conditions could also be unknown to the athlete and not become apparent till they begin a strenuous exercise program. The identification and management of those issues needs specialist medical input involving sports physicians and sports cardiologists.
There are many facets of Sports Cardiology including;
• Pre-screening for exercise involvement
• Evaluation of possible cardiac symptoms
• Evaluation of changes in athletic performance, including cardio-respiratory testing, cardiovascular testing and evaluation of medicines
• Referrals to other subspecialties as required
• Risk assessment for sudden cardiac loss
• Evaluation of older people who wish to return to athletic activity